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  • Chicago Artists Resources
    Every city needs a site like this. Opportunities for artists, including jobs and space, and stories from local artists as well.
  • NYFA Source
    Listings for grants and other opportunities.
  • Timothy Whelan Photography Books
    This link is to Tim's ebay seller site. He also has a great bookstore just down the street from the Maine Photographic workshops in Rockport, Maine. He doesn't have a website yet for the store, but you can send him an email at or call 207-236-4795. Call for seasonal hours.
  • B&H Photo
    my favorite source for all things photographic. great prices and selection, and if you are in NYC, a visit to the store at 9th Ave. and 34th Street is a must! great used department, too.
  • artnet
    great site for all the arts, with reviews and features, and a great monthly horoscope.
  • Photoeye Books
    while the book links listed below are automatically linked to amazon, i urge you to buy your books instead from an independent bookseller in santa fe, new mexico with the largest selection of photography titles in the world! great website, with discounts and a wishlist, as well as other useful info related to photography in print. of special note are the "bookteases" -- sample page spreads that are superior to the amazon equivalent. see it before you buy it!

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December 12, 2006


Michael W

Helen Levitt is great.
i bought the Slide Show book but was disappointed with the reproduction. The pics seem to be printed too light & with washed out colour. This is in comparison to the German book titled 'Helen Levitt' that reproduces some of the same photos but they look much better.

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